Python Oberon v0.1.0

An emulator written in Python for the Project Oberon RISC processor. If PyGame is available it will open a screen of the standard dimensions of 1024 x 768 pixels. There’s also a very crude “assembler”.


The usual way from PyPI:

pip install PythonOberon

Starting the Emulator

Once you have downloaded the code you can start the emulator from the base directory with:

python -i -m oberon

It will use the disk.img file and run for eight million cycles by default. At around 3400000 cycles the screen background begins to fill in, and at around 6500000 cycles the window content begins to be drawn.

(The -i option tells the Python interpreter to drop into the interactive REPL after cycling the emulator. Without it the script will just exit and the screen will disappear.)

If you want to see something right away there’s a tiny binary that can be loaded by the bootloader from a (virtual) serial port. It fills the screen with a simple pattern of vertical bars:

python -m oberon --serial-in fillscreen.bin


After eight million cycles:


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